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How It Works

Create Engaging Apps With Instant Child-Privacy Compliance

With just a few lines of code, users of all ages can safely login to your apps and interact with their friends. Since their profile information and associated app data is stored on our servers with full verifiable parental consent, your app is instantly child privacy compliant.

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What Will You Build?

Why playPORTAL?

Instant COPPA Compliance to power profiles & social features
Leverage family profiles & approved friends lists in your app
Close the viral loop with kid-safe social sharing from your app.
Get discovered through playPORTAL’s global community
Receive critical play data analytics & refine your products
Cost Effective
Save time & money with our developer tools, SDKs and API!

What Our Customers Are Saying

... playPORTAL is the industry leading solution, and one that will allow us to create the most engaging, and exciting educational companion toy for kids.

... playPORTAL frees us up to stay focused on the imagination and innovation needed to safely realize Cosmo’s mission.

... digitizing our product is critical and playPORTAL is the perfect platform to do so!